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Unite desktop by BigRZA Unite desktop by BigRZA
AWN+DockbarX= better unity launcher

Tried unity today but compiz crashed every time so i could only test some features of the launcher. Its nice but still needs some features i can only find in dockbarx.

If you liked the unity launcher but don't want or cant use unity try out awn+dockbarx. Its a similar if not even better experience as with the unity launcher.

for those who like the new unity launcher i will update my unite theme soon to match the new look.
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LarryRothleutnerSr Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2011
Gargintua Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2011
I love this setup except for one thing...

no appmenu-indicator or globalmenu on awn

anyone has the answer i seek?
BigRZA Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2011
thank you.
awn has indicator support but i don't know if it has appmenu-indicator support.
I don't use indicators so i can't test it :)
master-of-design Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
This is amazing! I love this pic!

What's the wallpaper, it kinda looks like the 10.04 default, but not really...
BigRZA Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2011
thanks its Flavoured [link] by ~Digitalshiva.
forgot to add it in the description :)
alecive Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2011   Interface Designer
You're The Sage!

I'm just discussing in about the foolishness that took ubuntu development team when they decided to develop unity (a dock "that does the same as awn or docky, but adds some cool feautres and removes totally any customizability"), and you pops out with this cool desk that fully supports my theory!

However, sorry for the digression.. cool desk mate! :love:

what are those buttons with an "S" and a mail icon in the top-right part of ff-4.0?
BigRZA Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2011
Thanks mate,
the icons are addon buttons (stylish, noscript and webmail notifier) with monochrome icons.

About Unity i don't know. I think Canonical is doing a good job making an easy to use OS.
For us customizers and advanced users its hard to understand why less customization is better because we don't hesitate to change everything to our liking. If we don't like something or think it could be done better, we search trough all configurations and sometimes ask google how to change something :) For us its like: the more options it has the better it is.

But not for the basic user (you know those who use their laptops only for twitter, facebook, office and so on )
Too many options just confuses them or its too much of a hassle to read all the options and instructions
so most of those basic users use the default settings/desktops, there are even pc users who don't change their wallpaper xD

So a good default desktop is the key for a broader user base and with less options Canonical can concentrate on the core product
and by developing it by self they have full control of the product.
See ios, an uncustomizable piece of $%& (unless you jailbreak :)) with a happy user base
because the default UI is good enough.

For more options one should install a tweak app (like ubuntu tweak)
change the source (thats why i like linux and open source)
or should use something else or similar (the modular linux desktop :) )

Just my two cents :)
alecive Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2011   Interface Designer
You are totally right mate, I agree with you for all you said.

But doing so you remove one of most important things related to linux in general (and Ubuntu in particular): the possibility to personalize your UI according to your needs.
You're right when you say that a lot of users don't change even the wallpaper (I'm in my laboratory now, and all my roommates use Ubuntu with default configs and default wallpaper - and they're absolutely not basic users! :( ), but this aspect - ie the customization - could be really useful for those who want to spread linux/ubuntu within computer users (or simply friends). It's just an example, but I think it's quite important.. right? :)

Until yesterday (metaphorically speaking) I could say: "Let's switch to Ubuntu! Ubuntu rocks: is really faster, cooler, and using it you can finally have the control of your computer!".
But, from tomorrow, what can I say? Something like "Try Ubuntu! It's not so faster (because win7 is really better than Vista, and can be compared with linux), not so cooler (because you have a dock on the left that cannot even be moved), and you have ALMOST the full control of your computer (all of it, except for the UI [wich frankly is a bit absurd])!! But remember: if you want, you can spend some weeks learning C/C++/whatever Unity uses, and modify the source!"

Obviously I'm exaggerating, but I wanted to make the idea.. :D
BigRZA Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2011
I dont mean to completely remove customization but to relocate it from the developers to the community.

See the iphone for example. It isn't customizable. You cant change the icons, docks etc.
until ios 4 i think you couldn't even change the wallpaper and most users were fine with it. But look at the iphone/ipod screenshots. With jailbreak and the community it can be modded to look totally unique.

And i think that should be done with Ubuntu too.
It should concentrate to make the default super duper goood so many many like it with the first try so it gets more attention from other companies and let the community serve the customizability. For this i made this mockup [link] of a tweak marketplace
alecive Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2011   Interface Designer
You're right, but a jailbreak is (by definition) a break in the code, and its name explicitly reminds you that you're doing something even if not completely illegal, but surely not well-viewed by (evil) Apple.

And you're right when you say that the purpose is making a super cool default desktop (that moreover would be instantly recognizable as ubuntu desktop), but why not continue in making well done softwares that automatically integrates with system theme and that makes easy a customization?
I know that the great difference is in the fact that, since it's open source, with a couple of commands you can change a lot of things in unity, and starting from this someone will create a customization software.. but why not doing it by default?

PS: from the latest relase, now unity has partially heard me.. now it changes according to the gtk theme (even if not completely ;( )!

PPS: great mockup mate! I go often in your beautiful gallery but I've never seen such a thing! It surely needs more visibility, and be proposed as official mockup, because a stuff like that is really great! A question: but it's only graphically made, right?
However, I do what I can: I added it to custom-linux group! ;)
Izobalax Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
Good to hear you're updating those DockbarX themes, they're still my favourite. =] I've never tried AWN+DockbarX.

BigRZA Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2011
Yeah i will update them but first im trying to get unity working so i can copy its style better but it crashes all the time :P
I use awn as a gnome-panel replacement with intellihide so booth combined are basically a better unity launcher :) also awn uses less ram than gnome-pane(4mb awn and 26mb gnome panel wtf)
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