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September 2, 2009
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Tonky Desktop v0.5 by BigRZA Tonky Desktop v0.5 by BigRZA
ok this is it my tonky desktop. the download contains the conky config, dockbarx theme and the panel background. i hope you like it and if you have questions or suggestions feel free to ask.

Wallpaper is Blank 009267 by ~lethalNIK-ART
icontheme is Black-Gnome by Moimeme mashed up with token by ~brsev
Emerald theme is KDE Air Match by londonali1010

added bubbles and gtk theme see [link]
and added a little howto in the readme.
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jamest1945 Jun 28, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is the first time I have seen your desktop theme, truly gorgeous. Did you do any for Windows?
very very well done ,thx much
how to solve the problem "Conky: Unable to load image '-s'
Conky: Unable to load image '-s'"
my op system is linuxmint 10(kernel:
Nice work :D well done
very niice! :bow:
This is a great looking theme and I'm hoping to tweak it and use it! I am running into a few problems however:

1. double-clicking the icons does not open up any bubbles. I tried following the "5 steps" in the readme of creating a launcher and then drag/drop on the icon, but it doesn't work.

2. I get some error with conky and the -s option in the console:

$ ./tonky
Conky: desktop window (1a000b6) is subwindow of root window (15a)
Conky: window type - override
Conky: drawing to created window (0x3e00001)
Conky: drawing to double buffer
Conky: Unable to load image '-s'
Conky: Unable to load image '-s'
Conky: Unable to load image '-s'
Conky: Unable to load image '-s'

Any suggestions?
Is there a way to get this very awesome theme for a windows op system?
Hey, I love your theme but I'm having troubles installing it. I'm sort of a linux noob still. I moved the tonkysoil to the .themes directory as per directed but when I try to customize the them it shows tonkysoil along with the other themes, but instead of a picture there is a big question mark and when I select it it states that "This theme will not look as intended because GTK+ theme 'tonky' is not installed." Would you happen to know what I'm doing wrong?
Just noticed someone else had the same problem and you offered a solution (sorry, I thought I had read all the comments but apparently not). I haven't fixed it yet and I have to run but I'll get back to it later, and hopefully I won't have anymore problems. Thanks and again, love your theme.
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